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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ice Garden Wedding Table

 Carrie Middlemiss commissioned us to style this silver and white wedding party table setting to submit for a magazine editorial.  A gilded silver mirror served as a sparkly backdrop for our silver and crystal covered tabletop.  We chose a clean, modern Scandinavian style for the table and softened the look with some feminine cut crystal accents.  We loaded the table with lit candles to balance the coolness of the icy silver and glass.

A silver charger is topped with simple white china and layered with a decorative floral etched glass salad plate.  We collected an assortment of vintage silver, crystal, and mercury glass candle holders in different shapes and heights and scattered them between the flowers and dessert centerpiece.  Keeping with our Scandinavian theme, we chose a repetitive modern shape for the champagne flutes, water glasses, and vases.

We built a centerpiece of desserts using layered Clara French cake stands.  Our photograph of beautiful lace inspired the lacy fondant covered cake baked by Tallant House.  We chose a variety of Trophy Cupcakes in shades of white.
It's hard to pick which little white cupcake would be the perfect ending to a lovely evening.

Cupcakes- Trophy Cupcakes
Cupcake Wrappers- Bella Cupcake Couture
Photography Tes de Luna/Crinoline & Tweed

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